homework on 05.10.2019 ( Nur-viii)

home work on 04.10.2019 (Nur-Viii)
October 4, 2019
October 9, 2019

homework on 05.10.2019 ( Nur-viii)

D/P H.W NUR 05.10.2019

Maths (W) Digit ’15’ on w/b

pg no 68 (4 lines) (5 min)

Gk Pg no 26,27

Eng (w) Letter ‘p’ on w/b pg no 51 (2 lines) (5 min)

Eng (O) Read pg no 50 (2 min)

Hindi (W) AA on w/b (5 min)

pg no 15 (3 lines)


D/P H.W LKG 05.10.2019

Eng (w+o) q,r on n/b (10 min.)

Hindi (w+o) ‘F’ ‘B’ on workbook on pg no 81,82 (10 min)

(o) Rhy on pg no 33

Math (o) S/c 101 to 140

D/p Kindly send Gk and akshar gyan books only in bag , do not send other reading books i.e. Rhyme book and english alphabet book


D/P H.W 1ST 05.10.2019

Eng Read pg no 62 (20 min)

Hindi Revise given W/s (15 min)

Comp Read b/ex rom home at pg no 45,46 (15 min)

Maths Test of table of 9

R/p Kindly sign all the c.w n/bs & almanac also.


D/P H.W 2ND 05.10.2019

Pbi Read pg no 46 full (15 min)

Hindi Test o W/M + M/s of ch-8 (20 min)

Eng Read Q/A of ch-6 (30 min)

Gk Test of pg no 28 (20 min)

Evs learn Q/ans of ch-8 (20 min)

Maths Do practice of addition sums (20 min)


D/P H.W 3RD 05.10.2019

S.st Learn Q/ans of ch-8 + Read pg no 56 & 57

Pbi Read ch-10 (20 min)

Sci Learn b/ex of ch-8 (15 min)

Math Learn table of 18 + Do pg no 142 (15 min)

Eng Read b/ex of ch-6 (20 min)

D/P H.W 4TH 05.10.2019
S.st Revise Q/ans of ch-11 (25 min)
Pbi Read ch-10 (20 min)
Sci Read ch-8 (15 min)
Hindi Test of b/ex of ch-9 (15 min)
Gk Complete pg no 35 (5 min)
Maths Test of ex 8a & 8b (30 min)


D/P H.W 5TH 05.10.2019

Gk Do pg no 35 (painting )

S.st Read ch-12 full (20 min)

Maths Test of ch-7 and do ex 8b (45-60 min)

Pbi Learn w/m and find Q/ans of ch-12 (15 min)


D/P H.W 6TH 05.10.2019

S.st Read ch-6 of civics (30-40 min)

Hindi Learn sandhi (10 min)

Maths Test of ch-7 (1 hr)

Sci Test of v/short & short& b/ex of ch-9 (1hr)

Pbi Try to do b/ex and do M/S of ch-12 (20 min)

Eng gr Revise simple past tense & Present perfect tense (15  min)


D.P H.W 7TH 05.10.2019

Gk Revise pg no 42 (15 min)

Math Do practical of ch-6,7 & Test of ch-8

Pbi Do M/s and learn W/m of ch-13 (20 min0

sci Test of all Q/ans without long + Read ch-17 (1 hr)

Hindi Learn ch-10 (30 min)

His Read ch-7 (30 min)


D/P H.W 8TH 05.10.2019

Maths Make practical of ch-1,3,4 on practical n/b + search model of math (7 days )

Gk Revise pg no 37 (20 min)

His Read ch-7 pg no 51 to 53 (15-20 min)

Pbi Complete n/b of ch-12 (20 min)



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