HOMEWORK ON 03.10.2019

October 2, 2019
home work on 04.10.2019 (Nur-Viii)
October 4, 2019

HOMEWORK ON 03.10.2019

D/P H.W NUR 03.10.2019
Eng (W) Do pg no 37 on w/b (5 min)
(O) Read pg no 36
Hindi (R) Pg no 16
Math Do pg no 66 (5 min)

D/P H.W LKG 03.10.2019
Eng (W) q’r on w/b pg on 17,48
(O) Reco of q’r + (Rhy on pg 10 little miss muffet )
Hindi (W) P and PH on w/b pg no 79 , 80
(o) Reco of P,PH + Rhy do chuhe the on pg no 32
Math (O) S/c 101 to 120
Gk Revise ch-11 (Beautiful birds on pg no 21)

D/P H.W IST 03.10.2019
Eng Learn rhyming words Read pg no 57
Comp Read pg no 43
Evs Learn D/w of ch-8 (20 min)
Maths Revise Add.sums (carry over)(20 min.)
Hindi Revise pic words of A’AA matras (15 min.)

D/P H.W 2ND 03.10.2019
Pbi Read pg no 46 3rd box (20 min.)
Hindi Revise D/w of ch-8 (10 min)
Eng Learn Q 1,2 of ch-6 (c/b)
Gk Revise pg no 26,27
Evs L/n B/ex of ch-8
Maths L/n table of 17 (15 min.)

D/P H.W 3RD 3.10.2019
S.st L/n K/w + b/ex of ch-8 (20 min.)
Hindi Revise M/s of ch-8 (15 min.)
Comp Read pg no 41,42 (half an hour )
Pbi Revise W/m of ch-9 (20 min.)
Eng Read Q/a of ch-6 (20 min.)

D/P H.W 4TH 03.10.2019
S.st T/of keywords ch-11 (10 min.)
Pbi Revise W/m of ch-9 (20 min.)
sci Read pg no 63 (10 min.)
Comp Write steps to insert/overtype and deleting text (20 min)
Gra Revise the letter (15 min)
Maths Do part E to 4 of Q3,4 of ex 8b in h/w n/b
Hindi Revise b/ex of ch-9 (20 min)

D/P H.W 5TH 03.10.2019
Sci Read pg no 130 to 133 (20 min)
Hindi Try to do b/ex of ch-10 (15 min)
S.st Test of b/ex and Q1,2 of ch-11 (30 min)
Maths Complete ex 7b (20-25 min)
Pbi L/n Q/ans of ch-11 (Reader)( 10 min)

D/P H.W 6TH 03.10.2019
S.st Test of ch-8 (His )(30 min)
Maths Complete ex 7.2 (30 min)
Hindi Learn b/ex of ch-10 (15 min.)
Sci Revise pg no 103-106 (10 min.)
Pbi Learn short + v/short q/ans of ch-11 (15 min.)

D/P H.W 8TH 03.10.2019
Maths Do 1 to 12 sums of ex 8.3 (25 to 30 min)
Pbi Do M/s and V/s Q/a of ch-12 (20 min)
Civics L/n ch-6 and try to solve b/ex (30-40 min)
Comp Practise pg no 46 to 47 (20 min)
Sci Read ch-10 full (20 min)

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