Holiday on 31.08.2019
August 30, 2019
September 2, 2019


D/P H.W NUR 30.08.2019

Math (O) S/c 0-20

Math (W) what comes after on n/b

Eng (W) A-L on n/b

Hindi (W) Do pg no 37 on w/b

Hindi (O) Revise all rhyme

GK pg no 37

D/P H.W LKG 30.08.2019

Eng (W) What comes after, between and matching on n/b

Eng(O) Rhyme on pg no 2 and 4

Hindi (W) K se N and akshar ko dekhkar sahi akhshar par gola lgao

Hindi (O) Rhyme on pg no 26,27

Math (W+Test) S/c 50 to 100

GK Revise ch-6,7,8 with Q/ans

Note :-Answersheets of UT-II sent.Kindly return it by monday

D/P H.W UKG 30.08.2019

Eng Learn story Fox & grapes .Test of ‘a sound words (Pic Reco) on Monday

Hindi (W+L) shrutlekh in n/b Learn story eak tha koaa kalla-kalla

Gk(W+L) Body parts & Me & my family

Math Learn inwords 1 to 30

Pbi Read pg no 40 ude to nn

Note :- R/P A/c SA-I syllabus is fill the colour’s in pot , fish , butterfly

Tommorow will be a holiday

D/P H.W 1ST 30.08.2019

Math Test of book pg no 114+ tables 2 to 8

Hindi Test of pg no 38 + Do pg no 39 on book

Eng Test of difficult word and Que/ans of ch-4

EVS Test of ch-6

Pbi-H/W in n/b and test of vichkarn phla akhar


See the syllabus of music on almanac

Maths test n/b sent ,Kindly sign it

D/P H.W 2ND 30.08.2019

Eng Test of adjective + Revise given W/S

Math Test of addition / Subtraction sums

Pbi Test of pg no 39,43 (Reading test of pg no 38,42)

Hindi Test of ch-6 full with b/ex

EVS Test of ch-5 full with b/ex

Note :- Music SA-I syllabus is eng prayer God is god and hindi sebah svere lekar tera naam prabhu

D/P H.W 3RD 30.08.2019

Pbi Test of ch-5 full + Learn (1-5 W/m , Q/ans of ch-8 Gk Do & Revise MTP pg no 27,28

Cp Revise b/ex ch-3

Math practice Concpet of division sums

Sci Test of ch-7

Eng Test of appliciation for urgent piece of work

Hindi Test of ch-7 full + Hamar desh bharat  and Do given W/S

S.st Test of keywords of ch-1 to 7 , 16

D/P H.W 4TH 30.08.2019

Math Do given worksheet + Test of ch-4,5

Eng Test of ch-3 full (Reader book )

GK Revise MTP on pg no 31,32

Cp Revise b/ex of ch-3

Pbi Test of rakhi essay and ch-4 full

Sci Test of ch-7 full

S.st Test of ch-1,2,7 test + 5 states (Bring india is political map)

Hindi Do given W/S and test of ch-7 full

D/P H.W 5TH 30.08.2019

Gk Test of ch 13 to 20

Eng Test of ch 1,2 (c.b)

Pbi Test of ch-4 and ch-5

Math Test of ch-6 and 9

Sci Revise sci Quiz , very short and short of ch-5,6

Hindi Test of ch-8

S.st Test of ch-1,2

D/P H.W 6TH 30.08.2019

Pbi test of chapter 1 full and chapter Q/A

Hindi test of ch 7

Maths test of ch 1 2 3 4 5 6 full

Science ch 6 full test

SST test of ch 1 2 3 history

English test of unit 2 full (C/N)

GK test of ch 6 to 10

D/P H.W 7TH 30.08.2019

S.st Test of ch-1,2,3 of History on monday

Eng Revise past and past perfect tense

Sci Test of b/ex and back Q/ans of ch-4 and do pg no 127,128

Gk Test of ch 16 to 28

Math Test of ch 1 to 6 full

Pbi Test of ch -10,11 full


D/P H.W 8TH 30.08.2019

Hindi test of chapter 7 sangya sarvnam

Punjabi test of chapter 9 and 10

Maths test of chapter 1 to 6

SST test of chapter 1 2 3 history plus date and z States given

English test of chapter 1 and chapter 5 literature

GK test of chapter 11 to 20

Science test of chapter 5


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