October 22, 2019
October 31, 2019


D/P H.W NUR 24.10.2019

Maths (W) Matching on n/b ( 0-20 )( 15 min)

Eng (W) Letter A-P on n/b ( 7 min)

Eng (R) Pg no 11

Hindi (W) Matching on n/b ( 5 min)

Gk Pg no 30


D/P H.W LKG 24.10.2019

Eng (O) Rhyme on pg no 14 ( Rock a Bye Baby)

Hindi (W+O) Khali sthan bharo ( Do given worksheet)(10 min)

Math (W+O) B/c 80 to 61 on n/b

D/p English + Hindi and Maths workbook are sent.Kindly collect them and keep it at home and send after diwali break ( 26.10.2019 to 28.10.2019)


D/P H.W UKG 24.10.2019

Eng: (w+l) sound of u in n/b (10 mint)

Gk: (w+l) indoor games in n/b (10 mint)

note : D/P kindly send a plant with pot

UT 3 datesheet send in diary


D/P H.W 1ST 24.10.2019

Pbi-do what comes before ura  to  nanna  (10min.)

Hindi- test of opposite  words (10min.)

G.k.-revise ch 24(15min.)

E.v.s.-learn Q3 to Q5 of ch 9 (20min.)

Maths-revise place  value  concept  from  n/b (15min.)


D/P H.W 2ND 24.10.2019

Pbi- Revise pg no 56,59(10 min)

Hindi-Revise w/m of ch-9(10 min)

Gk _Revise pg no 32(10min

)Evs Learn Q3 to 5 of ch-10(20 min)

Math Revise pg no -137(15 min)


D/P H.W 3RD 24.10.2019

Sst – test of ch – 11 full 20 min

Hindi – test of word meaning of ch – 10 10 min

Comp-read page no 50 10 min

Math-Do ques 6,7 of ex-11A on fair n/b 15 min

Sci – learn Q/A of ch-9 15 min

Pbi – Read ch -13 15 min


D/P H.W 4TH 24.10.2019

SST- read page number 93,94( 10 minutes)

Punjabi -read chapter 13  (15 minutes) K

science- 2 long question answer of chapter 9 (15 minutes)

computer- learn steps of highlights bold underline text (15 minutes)

math -revise 9th C (20 minutes)

Hindi – Chaloword meaning of chapter 10 (10 minutes)



D/P H.W 5TH 24.10.2019

Eng- Learn Q/A of poem 3 cc.b

Sci- Revise ch-12 and 13(1hour)

S.st- learn ch -17(1hour)

Maths- Do ex 15(b)(10min)

Pbi- Read ch-14 reader(20mins)



D/P H.W 6TH 24.10.2019

S.S.T- Make chart on your fair notebook(History)in 15 min

Maths- Complete exercise 15.1(15minutes)

Punjabi- Read chapter 14 of reader (20 minutes)

English- Read chapter 6 for test(20 min)


D/P H.W 7TH 24.10.2019

English grammar complete the given letter (15 minutes)

maths exercise 12.3 (30 minutes)

Punjabi complete Chapter 15 (30 minutes)

science test of chapter 9 and 17 inside the chapter also (one hour)

Hindi find question answer of chapter 13 (20 minutes)

civics test of chapter 7 (30 minutes)


D/P H.W 8TH 24.10.2019

Maths . Complete n.b, bring geometry box, ex. 13.1 do

Obi. Do picture description of pic 3 on n.b

English. Ch 7 find Q/ans and do M/S

Science . Revise u.t

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