August 30, 2019
September 3, 2019



D/P H.W NUR 2.09.2019

Maths (O) S/c 0-20

Maths (w) Count & match on n/b

Eng(Rhy) Revise all rhyme

Hindi (W) aa on w/b pg no 10 (3 lines


D/P H.W LKG 02.09.2019

Eng (W) What comes after on n/b

Eng(O) Rhyme on pg no 4,5

Hindi (W) Akshro ka phle vala akshar likho

Hindi (O) Rhyme on pg no 30 (sacha ghoda)

Math (w+o) Circle the biggest number (0-50)

Gk Revise ch-9,10 with que / ans

D/P Kindly send answer sheets of UT- 2  exams and please sign it.(If sent, kindly ignore) and send plain drawing book who has not sent.


D/P H.W UKG 02.09.2019

GK (w) Vagetable’s name and do given worksheet in n/b

Eng Learn Rhy Lollipop , The cat

Hindi Learn Glossary words

Conv Learn commands 1 to 20 from syllabus

Pbi Read pg no 40 (UUU to nnn) tk


D/P H.W IST 02.09.2019

Eng Dictation words of all chapters SA-I

EVS Test of ch-4

Hindi Learn/Write opposite words

Pbi Test of picture matching uuu to nnn

Cp Revise Ch-5 b/ex

Maths Test of Table (2-8)


D/P H.W 2ND 02.09.2019

Eng Test of D/W of ch-3,4,5 of c/b

Maths Test of Multiplication sums

Pbi Test of colours name

Hindi Test of My school

A/c Do practice of pg no 3 of file on rough sheets

Cp Revise ch-4 Que/ans

EVS Test of b/ex of ch-3 and 5

R/P Eng test W/s sent


D/P H.W 3RD 02.09.2019

Pbi Test of ch-8 full (Book)(W/M 1 to 5)

Math Test of ex 8b

Sci Test of b/ex of ch-7

Eng Test of W/m of ch-3,4,5 (Lit)

Hindi Test of (hmara desh bharat )

S.st B/ex of ch-3,4


D/P H.W 4TH 02.09.2019

Maths Ch-6 full +practise this chapter on wroksheet

Eng Test of all chapter W/Meaning and anke sentences

Cp Revise Q/ans of ch-3

S.st Test of ch-3 ,9

Sci Test of ch-1,2

Hindi Test of Mera adhyapak


D/P H.W 5TH 02.09.2019

Eng Test of ch-1 to 5 (lit)

Gk Test of ch-20 to 26

S.st Test of ch-3 and 9

Pbi Test of essay ‘Guru Nanak Dev ji’

Maths Test of Ch-11

Sci Test of Que/ans of ch-5 , 6

Hindi  Test of ch-9 (Reader)


D/P H.W 6TH 02.09.2019

Cp Revise ch-2

Maths Test of ch-9

Hindi Test of ch-8

S.st Test of ch-4,5,6(His)

Pbi Test of ch-10

Eng Test of ch-1,2,3,4,5 of (lit )


D/P H.W 7TH 02.09.2019

S.st Test of ch-4,5,6 (His)

Eng Test of ch 1 to 5 (Lit)

Sci Do pg no 127,128 and Test of ch 4,7 full

Pbi Test of ch 1,2 (G/b)

Hindi Test of ch-8



D/P H.W 8TH 02.09.2019

Maths Test of ch-6

Hindi Test of ch-7,8

S.st Test of ch-4,5,6(His)

Cp Practise pg no 42

Pbi Test of ch-11

Sci Ch-6 full test , ch- 1 to 8 b/ex test

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