home work on 04.10.2019 (Nur-Viii)

HOMEWORK ON 03.10.2019
October 3, 2019
homework on 05.10.2019 ( Nur-viii)
October 5, 2019

home work on 04.10.2019 (Nur-Viii)

D/P H.W NUR 04.10.2019

Maths (W) Digit ’14’ on w/b  pg no 67 (4 lines)(6 min.)

Gk Pg no 26 (2 min)

Hindi (Rhy) Pg no 16(2 min.)

Hindi (W) AA on w/b pg no 15 (2 lines) (5 min.)

Eng (W) Letter ‘o’ on w/b pg no 69 (2 lines)(5 min.)

Eng (O) Raed pg no 68

Note :-D/P Kindly send any bottle  lid (5) for art & craft activity


D/P H.W LKG 04.10.2019

Eng (O) Rhy on pg no 10 (little miss muffet)

Hindi (W) ‘P’  ‘F’  on n/b (10 min)

(O) Rhy on pg no 32 (do chuhe the )

Math (w+o) Serial counting 121 to 140 on n/b (15 min)

Note :- send transport bottles filled with cotton , 2 google eyes-big one

1 black A4 sheet


D/P H.W UKG 04.10.2019

Eng Learn & write picture reco of ‘Q’ sound words in n/b L/n Rhy Ten little fingers

Math Learn & write s/c 401 to 450 in n/b

Hindi L/n Rhy Billi Mossi

Note :- Plz end 2 bottom’s of empty cold drinks bottle’s painted red


D/P H.W IST 04.10.2019

Eng Read pg no 60,61 (20 min)

Evs Learn Q1,2 of ch-8 (15 min)

Maths Practice add sums  (carry over )( 20 min)

Pbi Read pg no 54 do 55 (10 min)

Send empty small cold drink bottles -2 painted yellow

Green colour kite paper and all pastel sheets -3 of each


D/P H.W 2ND 04.10.2019

Hindi Revise M/s of ch-8 (20 min.)

Eng Read Q/A 1,2,3 of ch-6 (20 min)

Gk Test of pg no 27 (10 min)

Pbi Read pg no 46 (1-3 lines)( 10min)

Evs Larn unscramble the words + do given activity in n/b (20 min.)

Maths Revise pg no 129 (20 min)

A/c Material required for best out of waste

small empty cold drink bottles )yellow painted)

Green kite paper and pastel sheets 3 of each (green colour)


D/P H.W 3RD 04.10.2019

S.st  Test of k//w + b/ex of ch-8 (5 min)

Hindi Test of w/m + m/s of ch-8 (15 min.)

Pbi L/W W/M of ch-9 (15 min)

Gk Revise pg no 29,30 (20 min)

Eng Learn m/s of ch-6 (15 min)


D/P H.W 4TH 04.10.2019

S.st Revise check point (78),factwise (79)(10 min)

Pbi L/N W/m of ch-9 (20 min)

Maths Try to do part d & e of Q-5 of ex 8b in Fair n/b (20 min)

Eng Revise letter (20 min)


D/P H.W 5TH 04.10.2019

Sci Revise ch-13 full (30 min)

S.st Learn ch-11 from book (30-40 min)

Maths Do Q 3 to 7 of ex 8a (30 min)

Pbi Try to do b/ex and M/s of ch-12 (15 min)

Hindi Learn M/s of ch-10 (Reader) 10 min


D/P H.W 6th 04.10.2019

S.st Read ch-6  civics (25-30 min)

Maths Test of ch-7 on monday and do ex 8.1 (30 min)

Hindi Do sandhi (15 min)

sci Ch-9 Read + Revise b/ex (30 min)

Pbi Learn and write long Q/ans of ch-11 (20 min)

Comp Revise b/ex of ch-4 (15 min)


D/P H.W 7TH 04.10.2019

Gk Revise pg no 41 (15 min)

Pbi Do & Learn long Q/ans of ch-12 (20 min)

Maths Do & Revise ex 8.1 (1 hr)

Sci Test of all Q/A without long (30 min)

Eng Read ch-6 My financial carrier (15 min)

Hindi Revise viram chinh (20 min)

S.st Read ch-7 Geo (40 min)


D/P H.W 8TH 04.10.2019
Maths Do 13 to 22 sums of ex 8.3 (25 to 30 min)
Gk Revise pg no 37 + Do pg no 38 (20 min) Civics Learn ch-6 (1 hr)
Eng (g) Revise past perfect continuous tense (10 min)
Hindi Do Q/A of ch-10 (20 min)




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