“Preparing a child for life……”

Amongst the wide array of schools available in the city, choosing the best one for your little one can be very confusing. Nevertheless, when you want an all round development of your child as he/she blossoms from one stage to another, Alliance international is the haven you have been looking for.

Come, join us in a journey where we unravel our enterprising institution and warmly, erase your many queries. Simply, because we care for your ward, as you do….

~~ Learning is a journey…let’s begin it with Alliance international ~~

How does your school environment benefit my child?

Alliance International stands apart from other schools in giving your child exceptional infrastructural facilities, which aim at good health, all round development and a thorough learning process.


Built with keen interest and a compassionate desire to blossom each child, our classrooms are airy, colourful and inviting the innocence of the little ones!! With the sunrays insisting on caressing each tender cheek through large windows, we ensure each child remains in touch with Mother Nature while grasping the best education.

Enabling a complete comfort zone for your child, all classrooms are air conditioned and well ventilated too. When the tiny tots splurge themselves on the floor and play with educative toys, listening wide eyed to imaginative stories, in their colourfully painted classrooms, it is surely a sight to watch!!

As all the classrooms are built with a high quality Centralized Broadcasting System and a Wi Fi facility, we have strived to equip your ward with the latest technology within the vicinity. Enriching the children with the most updated e-learning experiences and equipping them for a strong career, is our humble endeavour.

Infrastructural Facilities

We believe in focussing on children individually, recognising his/her potential and then chiselling them towards a bright future and life. Following this vision, we ensure your ward practices, learns and grasps education individually, on our advanced computers. The well-lit and amply equipped Computer Labs are user friendly towards the tender minds. With the induction of the best tool for e-learning programme, My Pedia , your child’s learning process will be definitely enhanced.

Catering to all age groups, covering all varieties of books, our Library is a favourite haunt of toddlers to teenagers to teachers!! Neatly piled books, each beckoning a child to borrow some knowledge from it, the Library is quiet yet welcoming in its demeanour!! Books can be a person’s best friend and inculcating such, a hobby in a child, for life, is our inherent desire.

The children are most excited and feel rejuvenated being part of our orientation programmes held in our centrally air conditioned Auditorium which is equipped with the THX Digital Theatre System.

How will the school curriculum imbibe Indian values in my child?
Alliance International believes in blending our rich cultural heritage, with the latest teaching trends, to empower each child to chase his dreams, without forgetting his roots. With meditation and yoga classes , we strive to inculcate our ancestors’ teachings onto the children. The School has a Grand parents’ club: ‘Blessings’. To imbibe the family values Children celebrate their grandparents birthdays in school and in return grand parents shower their blessings upon them
What do you mean by international curriculum?
The school curriculum is designed on international curriculum framework. Stress will be laid on all round development through activity based, project based learning. Sports and co curricular activities are integrated with the scholastic curriculum
  • The School’s strategic management, long term perspective planning, teacher development and shaping the learning environment, will be along corporate lines under the Chief Executive and his specialized team of Directors.
  • Teachers are ‘facilitators’ and role models and enjoy an enhanced social status, with full facilities for in-service personal and professional development
  • The concept of multiple-intelligence underscores learning
  • Leadership development of our students is founded on experiential knowledge, creativity through emphasis on informal curriculum, co-curricular activities and community service.
  • The curriculum will fulfill seven educational needs of the children – integrated value system, leadership within the community, empowerment, ability to make the right choice, maximize intelligence potential, balance between creativity and skills, and self-imposed discipline.
  • High integration of offline and online learning
  • Social responsibility through rural education
  • International-class infrastructure in habitat, academics, sports and creativity centre
Would the Curriculum be too stressful for my child?
We believe in providing your ward a stress free atmosphere where he/she can evolve and learn in all fields. By following the Activity Based Early learning Development Programme till class 5th steady foundation. Our Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system eliminates the pressure of overwhelming exams and ensures a holistic growth of young minds that begin following the CBSE pattern. Alliance International chisels and trains the young children to face Exams and come out with flying colours!!
What is the student assessment pattern of the school?
At the pre primary level, emphasis will be on motor, oral and creative skills. At primary level, the school lays stress on continuous assessment that will include projects, assessments, group activities, school excursions based on multiple intelligences. This helps teachers to know in order to plan the next stage of learning. At the middle level, continuous assessment will be supplemented with summative assessments at the end of each term, This would include formative assessments, projects and practical tests
Will my child get enough exposure to Co-curricular activities?
A child can blossom into a well-balanced adult when he/ she studies as well as has fun at Alliance International!! We insist on instilling valuable education to children through various Hobby Clubs, Inter House and Inter school competitions. The School sprays incomparable education, fun, leisure and learning on the children, paving the way for a lucrative
What can your teachers offer to my child?
~~The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. ~

The teachers of Alliance International, too, teach from the heart. With compassion within them, qualifications in their experienced years and a vision to see your child excel, our teachers, make up for your absence in school. They educate with warmth and firmness and truly nurture your child, providing them a home, away from home

How shall my child commute back and forth from school?
We understand how each child is excited to reach school in the fresh morning air and merge with his friends soonest!! Embarked in our air conditioned mini deluxe coaches, each colourfully painted and named after a fairy tale, the children are safe and joyous with a constant, caring attendant. Moreover, the buses are constantly in touch with the school authorities through a GPRS system, so the parents can be carefree that their little one shall reach the school safely and happily and moreover even a parent can watch his child’s bus en-route
What are the sport facilities are provided for my child in school?
The school boasts a vast play area with well equipped infrastructure of international level. Playing in the mud, enjoying games like Basketball, Skating, Cricket etc with sportsmanship or simply evolving as a team, is what they shall learn!! Our budding sportspersons can be seen enjoying a game of Lawn Tennis on the school clay courts. The skating rink resounds with the joyous shouts of the young leaders. Cheerful Camaraderie is to be seen at the Basket Ball court, Fitness lovers can go in for Aerobics. For those who prefer to play indoors Table Tennis, Carom and Chess are there to choose from
What health care facilities are provided for my child in School?
The school has a well equipped Medical Centre with trained & qualified medical staff during the school hours. “Health Club” organizes monthly Medical checkups, conducts Seminars by Eminent Doctors and holds training workshops for teachers to facilitate health programs in school. A health card is maintained for every child which keeps the complete record of checkups done through out the year
Based on what age and criteria will my child be selected?
Alliance warmly invites the parents of Toddlers-KG. If your little one is 2 yrs as on 31st March of the admission year, Alliance International shall envelope him/her in its embrace lovingly.

Admission of the children from KG onwards is based on a simple written test, a casual interaction with the child and interaction of parents with the director principal of the school

When shall my child get admission and How?
We are waiting to take care, nurture and evolve your child. The National Dailies would be holding our interesting advertisement when the admissions shall open.

We look forward to welcoming the apple of your eye in our school. We want to provide a warm, carefree environment like home, to your ward so he/ she can live his childhood to a full potential and grow into a balanced human being.

Simply because, we wish to prepare every child for life….